Cancer touches so many people and sometimes it hit right at home, affecting not only the patient but it has a ripple effect to all the loved ones close to the patient from the long-term GP, the pastor, work colleagues, friends and direct close family. It is an inner emotional struggle as well as a physical one and the pain continues long after the passing of the patient, Family trying to cope with life and the void it left them while seeking emotional healing.

Skill for Life embark on cancer awareness programs, educating communities about detecting cancer early and how to deal emotionally with a loved one having cancer.

Skill for Life also support the family financially with basic needs like travelling cost to visit a loved one in hospital, toiletries, pajamas, bedding and nutrients.

Skill for Life do personal visits to the patient and the family consoling and supporting them emotionally.
Visiting the patient and chatting about everyday things, we forget that they are still living humans and must be treated as such. They still enjoy a good joke, what there is to know about the news and their favourite sports team.

Love does not cost a cent and we all have it in abundance to share with those who long for it. They want to be touched and loved.

Who is the beneficiaries?

Community Members
School Children

How can individuals and companies be part of this project?

Donations of the following:

Toiletries: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Vaseline, Lip ice, Body soap, Roll on, Sanitary pads and Adult nappies

Clothing: Pajamas (Winter, summer, Mens, Ladies and Children), Tracksuits, T-shirts, Any comfortable clothes, Underwear Slippers, Comfortable soft shoes.

Bedding: Bed sheets, Pillow cases, Mattress protectors, Pillows, Blankets, Mattresses, Duvet Inner's, Duvet Covers, Waterproof mattress protectors, Fleece Blankets, Hot water bottles, Electric Blankets.

We can collect or you can drop it of at our office which is located at Unit 41, Pomona Junction, Boncretion Street, Pomona AH, Kempton Park, 1619.

Financial contributions can be made directly to Skill for Life bank account.
Please use Cancer Project as reference and contact Cathlene at 010 447 3673 or 076 414 1055 for all enquiries.

Donating benefits to companies.

Skill for Life provide your company with an 18 A certificate.
Donation is tax deductible.
Your company will receive B-BBEE points for social development.
Your company will be registered as a difference maker and receive a certificate.
And most importantly the feel good feeling to bring change to people that need it most.
Being part of the nationwide outreach, meet new people, cultures and spreading the love of giving hope to the hopeless.

This is a life changing experience do not miss out.

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