It is known that the participation of rural communities in the economy is limited.

Skill for Life provide rural community members with a skill set that will provide them not only with employable skills but also to turn that skill set into a profitable business in their own community.

This model will grow the community and provide employment.

Who are the beneficiaries?

People with Disability

SMME Benefits

Business Development Support
Marketing Pack
Marketing Mentoring

This will be done on the scale of the contribution received.

SMME Requirements to Participate

Black Female, Youth, Disabled
Have a registered business
Tax Clearance Certificate
BBBEE Certificate

Corporate Benefits

Corporate spend there allocated annual ED budget and will receive the following in return to be complaint:

Project Report.
Thank you letter.
Proof of project execution 18(A) Certificate.
And most importantly the feel good feeling to bring change to people that need it most.
Being part of the nationwide outreach, meet new people, cultures and spreading the love of giving hope to the hopeless.

This is a life changing experience do not miss out.

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