Our country has so many children that ends up in orphanages because of parents not being able to take care of these children, due to financial circumstances. Children being taken away from their parents because of violence, drug abuse and alcoholism or otherwise because of the parents that is unwilling to take care of them. Those children did not ask to be in those circumstances, and therefore been taken away from there parents and put in orphanages.

A lot of orphans also end up in orphanages because of there biological parents being deceased and no other family members being able to take care of them.

Skill for Life provide orphans with an employable skill during school holidays to make sure they will be sustainable when they leave the orphanage. With these employable skills these orphans can make a better future for themselves and not end up on the streets with no opportunities.

Who is the beneficiaries?


How can individuals and companies be part of this project?

Financial contributions can be made directly to Skill for Life bank account.

Please use Orphan Project as reference and contact Cathlene at 010 447 3673 or 076 414 1055 for all enquiries.

Donating benefits to companies.

Skill for Life provide your company with an 18 A certificate.
Donation is tax deductible.
Your company will receive B-BBEE points for social development.
Your company will be registered as a difference maker and receive a certificate.
And most importantly the feel good feeling to bring change to people that need it most.
Being part of the nationwide outreach, meet new people, cultures and spreading the love of giving hope to the hopeless.

This is a life changing experience do not miss out.

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